As you know from running your business, an efficient work flow is key and monumental to your success, the strongest vantage point in working with crave genius, is the simplified system of on-demand, ask and receive, all your design, media, marketing and advertising needs simplified.



On demand design of communications, collateral and media for every medium. Business and Brand development tools that speed up sales and build community.


Complex business simplified with technology solutions customized to your needs. You receive more insights, information to make data based budget decisions.


We generate more traffic resulting in sales for our clients per dollar spent, ROI focused campaigns designed to build your bottom line and stakeholder value.


Channel content creation, boosting and engagement. Sign up now and receive your first month free. Get your social growing and turn likes to sales today! Choose your budget and watch it grow.


Perfect your public relations strategy. Hand written articles, cited, researched, distributed with lead gen. We keep your audience up to date and build your base network for public and private cos.


We offer a holistic team of ai tools and dedicated experts to manage your marketing budget and achieve your goals with greater accuracy and less investment than an internal team can provide.


I dont build products, or design innovative solutions to world problems, but I help those that do communicate their offering to the world to attract the capital and consumers needed to reach their maximum shareholder value.


Stunning graphic design, images and communications for all your identity and marketing needs, on demand.


Expertly curated copy for your plans, posts, presentations, website and communications.


Turn up the heat with explosive action packed videos released daily, weekly or monthly, custom on the go, as needed.


Goal focused web development with ongoing management, updates, seo, leads & sales.


Get more out of every dollar with return on investment focused marketing campaign management.

A company is a collective of amazing people striving toward the same goal.

A great place to outsource your marketing efforts is when it comes to specific marketing projects that require significant time, resources and/or experience—such as a website redesign, a rebranding initiative, a content marketing plan or a media relations program, we become part of your company bound by your voice, tone and image.


Dedicated to your growth.


We will offer insight, solutions and suggestions for the hurdles ahead, as an integrated member of your team


Do you just need a brochure, or a quick plan, design on demand keeps you moving cost-effectively with on demand labour @ 90/hr.


Crave Genius can manage all the technology and data insights for you so you can just sit back and check in on your progress.

"Marketing is not a business function, it is the cultivation and curation of a community built on a foundation of increasing demand with a consistency which trust, confidence and ultimately loyalty can grow exponentially."

-Creenagh Flynn

Creating the Genius Your Audience Craves

Crave Genius Media is a decentralized global creative and innovation partner for brands and corporations seeking more attention, more investments, and more revenue.

If you are craving more out of your marketing budget, we are here for you.

We create sustainable and scalable growth for your business, increasing your valuation steadily as you approach your next milestone.

Led by a creative and highly-strategic professional with extraordinary achievements in solving problems to overcome obstacles, achieve goals and generate opportunities with precision.

Crave Genius solves critical challenges and captures valuable opportunities where you need them and when you need them.

Design On Demand

Our comprehensive approach as a decentralized marketing agency is to seamlessly integrate with your team to offer the expertise of strategy, design, technology, and marketing to build compelling experiences for consumers at a fraction of the cost. We collaborate with you to build strong foundations, drive growth, and exceed goals as outlined by you.


We work hard to make you look good.

The focus we bring to your brand is second to none — we design unforgettable identities, creatively extending your concepts into full personalities with room to grow into new segments and cultures around the world and build cohesive multi-channel experiences with strategic sales in mind. Our expertise in brand development goes beyond the  requisite, we guide your team down to the granular level to create an experience that keeps them coming back, we are experts at desire and developing an enduring love which cultivates a customer centric approach to lasting success. 

Don’t be forgotten.  Create the Crave.

On demand design for your brand.  When opportunities arise, you need to look good,  our on demand design studio is here to support you in your mission to always look your best.

Our project management system will let you know what to expect and when to expect it before you pay for any on demand design studio requests you make, we make looking good affordable and simple.   Just imagine if looking your best was always this simple!

I don’t have to tell you that you have but a moment to capture someones attention and if you are lucky and really good, you can keep capturing a little more second by second, post by post, developing a relationship. We create the consistent flow of content to keep you top of mind and little by little win their hearts.

Our websites are sales generators, attention captivators and traffic inducing miracles your company can’t live without.

Our focus is on investor, corporate and ecommerce websites.  We create complimentary apps, analytics dashboards and customer relationship management systems to ensure your site is more than just a dazzling display, its an autonomous genius driving your growth on every level imaginable.

Do not forget the power of cinema to shape your story and build your relationships, we have a full studio and editing suite available to produce on the go or blockbuster worthy films as you need them.

Contact us for more information.  Join us to start creating cinematic cravings your audience will gobble up.

Your online presence and investor package to be distributed by your brokerage partners are the primary opportunity to showcase your unique opportunity and drive demand for your shares. We attract investors who believe in what you offer, demonstrate what you do, and encourage them to take action. In today’s competitive environment, you need a narrator, captivating your audience likely no other, find out why we are so aptly named at Crave Genius.

We drive demand for your offering.  We guarantee it.

We create business plans that investment professionals need to present your opportunity to their portfolio.

Our business plans get fully funded and over subscribed everytime, just ask our clients.

We Create the Crave.


A quick introduction call to discover how simple integration into your team can be and discover the real value to your bottom line that crave genius delivers.  Limited time free 7 day trial

Part of Your Team

 We can operate as a long term partner for your company with 3+ month Bottom Line Boosters, these are result and goal oriented services with a term contract for efficient growth before on upcoming transaction or ongoing support to increase your annual valuation year after year.

Our fully transparent media budget planning and analytics dashboard are worth their weight in gold, no one gets more results for your bottom line than Crave Genius.  

We create fresh content as per your brand and market needs, daily updates, various packages available, we grow your community effectively and efficiently to ensure you are engaging and growing the demand for what you offer with the right demographics.


Focused on the branding and marketing of publicly traded companies, our goal is to effectively maximize the effectiveness of your marketing budget with public relations, blogs, vlogs, ads and news that captivates the investor community to nurture your stakeholder interest in your company, keeping you compliant and your investors informed.

We offer three investor relations packages to suit the needs of small to large cap corporations who are fiscally responsible and goal driven. 

The key differentiator between Crave Genius and the other guys is pricing and efficacy.  We know money matters, so we keep our pricing affordable, our strategy effective to drive action and ultimately the perfectly balanced campaigns keep your shareholders excited about your business.  

Keep your money working for you.

We are focussed on the branding and marketing of publicly traded companies, our focus is on reaching the investor and customer community to grow your audience everywhere it matters to your stakeholder value.

We offer three consumer marketing packages to suit the needs of small to large consumer product companies. 

Our consumer marketing contracts are 3 months of content creation, media placement, public relation articles, editorial advertising, blogging, content creation and on demand creative services like graphic design, video production, article writing and social media management.


Find out how we can help you launch your brand into the stratosphere with a quick 15 minute introduction.


Everyone has something they are incredible at, my skill set, which I am the best at, landed me here.  Designing, developing and producing the tools entrepreneurs need to spread their message, get funding, make sales and build their business.

I create the websites, videos, content, plans, posts, decks, emails, campaigns, media, articles, ads, financials and the lifetime guides you need to build your business whether its making sales or conveying your value to shareholders. 

Nobody does it better, faster and as cost-efficiently as crave genius does.

We Love Our Clients

We have been working with genius innovators, entrepreneurs and disruptors for over 15 years, you are in good company when you choose Crave Genius Media Inc.

We are a white label integrated team so we do not post our client list for public, as to respect the privacy of our clients who choose to contract external experts to maximize the value of every dollar spent.  For a confidential preview of our client list, please contact Creenagh Flynn, Founder and CEO of Crave Genius Media Inc.

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